Friday, December 30, 2005

Guru Ki Golak looted and they know who did it

It was a surprise when I saw this news in a southern newpaper but I did not notice this report in Tribune. It seems 2.75 Lakh was stolen from the treasury of the Golden Temple, but no Police case has been filed. Those in charge of securing the room are no suspected of this act, but SGPC is not handing the case to Police to find the culprits. Does SGPC have its own detectives? How does SGPC plan to catch these people without Police help?


Anonymous said...

Ha, Ha, Ha- SGPC has its own detective agency-what a joke-with 73 out of 180 members with an education level only upto matric, you can expect a highly intelligent intelligentia of the body to work and find out the truth. Read bout the education -or the lack of it- of our Sikh Parliament in my next blog.

sikhlionz said...

...well just wanted to say Happy New Year- May Waheguru bring you a step closer to Him with each day that passes

Otpreka Singh said...