Friday, June 24, 2005

Congress and Akali: cut from the same cloth

Today Akalis are attacking Chief minister Capt. Amrinder Singh over a speech he delivered with a "Khalistan Zindabad" banner hanging behind him at Dixie Road Gurdwara in Ontario Canada. How quickly these chameleons change color, these very same Akalis were sitting next to Sant Bhindrawale, when militancy was at its height in Punjab. These very same Akalis that today are accusing Congress of dividing along race and religion, when they stand aligned with Hindu nationalist Bhartiya Janata Party, as friend of Hindustan and united against militancy use to support it for their self interest to get in power.

These Akalis got support from these very same NRIs from Canada and USA, now they are accusing these NRIs of supporting Khalistan and are upset over CM speaking from a podium that displayed a sign to support the movement they were a part of? Talk about hypocrisy!!

I can speak from personal experiences that people like Didar Singh Bains, a very close friend of Mr. Badal and family supported the movement and formed World Sikh Organization that promoted the idea of a separate Sikh state from Yuba City, Califonia. Even today, the Gurdwara at Terra Buena Road in Yuba City has Khalistan stickers on doors etc, left over reminders of Didar Singh Bains' support.

All this should not be taken as my support for Congress or the CM. Congress is up to its old colors as well, and two episodes have shown that clearly. Delhi Police caught Hawara, so in order to save face Punjab Police starts arresting his "accomplices" and by the way, any one who has ever had any contact with him since his escape is now an accomplice.

And secondly, the way the Govt. of Punjab has handled Simranjeet Singh Maan, for his outburst at Akal Takht shows their complete disrespect for human rights and freedom of speech. Congress and Punjab Police should realize that oppressing the movement and putting a lid on a boiling pot does not resolve the underlying issues that gave fuel to the uprising. As long as the social structure does not change, youth don't get jobs and farmers don't get relief there is always a fear of another Sant raising the people. Feeding people Bhangra, Alcohol and drugs will not make them forget the pain of living in Punjab today.

At times like this remember the old slogan "chitay kukar, neelay more, eh vi chor oh vi chor" and don't keep faith in either Congress or Akalis because they are all politician and nothing is more sacred then power to them.

May God Bless Punjab and Punjabis with a true leader, who will put his faith and his people before self interest.