Monday, December 04, 2006

Invaluable Content

I wandered upon a site today that many may already know about, but I feel obligated to publicize it to many more, the site is

Call it my fortune or misfortune but I did not get my education in Punjab, which I have long felt had a definite downside that I was never able to get the rich cultural experience of Punjabi literature and poetry. Given that I cannot really read Gurmukhi very well, it has been even harder to read and appreciate the works of Bhai Vir Singh, Shiv Kumar Batalvi and many other gems of Punjabi literature.

Due to my own handicap, I am very appreciative of audio or visual recording of Punjabi literatures. In my quest to find such work I came upon and was delighted with the recording of poetry I found. I do hope you will check out the site and share it with your friends and especially the younger generation.