Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Bitta: nothing but a fake

Maninder Singh Bitta, a young unemployed, unqualified, college “gang leader” turned politician. This guy grew up in Delhi, around the same circle that I did. From that day he has been an opportunist looking for a “cause”. He milked the extremist movement in Punjab to the fullest.

You have to give him credit, to come up with a name like “All-India Anti-Terrorist Front”. All of us in business world know that marketing is 80% of the sale, and with a name like that he can even get President Bush to become a member of his front.

Now the poor guy will get thrown out of his posh Sector 7 house in Chandigarh, may be we should gather some “chanda” for him to get a place to cover his ego and himself. I can’t wait to hear how he spins this one… I would suggest Bitta Bha ji try to spin it as Governments support of terrorist by exposing you, the fearless anti-terrorist leader, and making you vulnerable target by evicting you…. LOL… koyee lok bhalee da kaam karo, Naukri labh deo, kissan di help karo, then you will really kill the cause of “terrorism” bahut der dada giri kar laee… Every bully goes down, and it may be your turn?