Sunday, November 13, 2005

Reflections on Yuba City Nagar Kirtan '05

It had been a couple year since I had attended the Nagar Kirtan at Yuba City. Mostly out of my sheer laziness to drive; and the hightened speeding enforcement by Highway Patrol.

None the less, I went this year. My first reaction was we are growing exponentially in numbers. My second observation was how many of us are here for the 'Mela' aspect of it and how many are true devotees?

In any case I am sharing a few images with you to show you this year's nagar kirtan from my viewpoint.


sikh said...

thats a tricky question...
how many people are true devotees.

to me, everyone is welcome!

Sifar said...

To judge some is not our job as we ourself have a lot of scope of improvement. One showing up with the kind of feelings, so shall he/she receive the result. Let us leave the job of judging to the Supreme and try to exponentiate our dedication.

Deg Teg Fateh

Sodhi said...

ssa bai ji yuba city nagarkirtan di hor photoan miljan giyan tuhadi site wich
pa do

Ranjit said...

Yeah, I agree. The Nagar Kirtan in Yuba City has pretty much become a mela for many people. I didn't experience any religious feeling when I attended this year (2007). People won't even give one another enough courtesy to "mata tek" properly. They would rather make 20 lines, push, and cut in front of each other. It seems to me Punjabis don't know how to be civil towards one another. This gathering sure proves it!