Monday, August 22, 2005

When did VHP and BJP start caring for Sikh rights?

Did I miss something? Did I sleep through the transformation of the Vishav Hindu Parishad becoming the well-wisher of the Sikhs? Since when does the Lion need the these alligators to speak for him?

Thank you Mr. Fernandes and Thank you Mr. Advani, but we don’t need you and we don’t need Mr. Modi to speak for the Sikhs. The general Sikh populace is not as weak as the Akalis to need your support to get our rights.

Remember it was your brother from Kashmir that our 9th Guru gave up his life to protect, those were your daughters and sisters that we brought back many times from Mughal abductors, if today we need anyone to speak for us on 1984 or any other injustice it will not be alligators like you with innocent blood of Gujrati Muslims on their teeth.

It is a great political football for BJP, for Akalis and the rest of the political machine in India, but the common man knows that much like the Democrats and Republican in US, its twiddle dee, twiddle dum in India as well.

Not until you are hurt do you know the pain, so for the love of god stop using this issue for your political gains and start to debate on real solutions. Bring a bill to the Parliament that discusses compensation, that discusses rehabilitation, a bill that recognizes Sikhs as a separate religion.

Then and only then can BJP or Akalis or even Congress can call itself the shubh chintak of the Sikhs.


Anonymous said...

The Nanavati Rreport has so clearly told me, you and all the Sikhs living in dear dear india that we dont even belong here, that we cant expect justice here. My Elders told me that Jawahar Lal Nehru had called the Sikhs "Jaraim Pesha" ( criminal tribe). In addition, we are today being labelled as today-victims. We , the victims- we, who shed the blood in the chammbs to protect the honor of motherland, we, who as Tegh Bahadur went all the way to the executioner's sword to protect a religion. And look what the Same Dilli did to us in 1984 and now 21 years later. Justice, HA!

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