Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Envision teachers that actually teach

Privatization of any sector in India is met with the same welcome, Protest. This times it’s the teachers of state run schools in Punjab that are up in arms over the fact that the state government is talking to private school management entities. There has been no decision to hand schools over to these entities, the teacher unions are already protesting. Can we say chor de dhari ch tinka

These teachers are legit in their protest because they very well know that if a private entity were to run schools, they would actually have to teach. God forbid that, that will mean end to sweater knitting, endless gossip breaks and never ending tea breaks. I would challenge most of the teachers in Punjab to pass the board exam they give to the students.

The issue I have with education system is a very fundamental one, its flawed at the core. They are teaching the students ancient knowledge and not vocational or transferable skills. The education in the 21st century is being given on bare floors with kids in the most uncomfortable position to write or read. The subject have not changed with time, neither has the system to bring in teachers with new skills.

The union has a vested interest in keeping the schools the way they are, because they know private entity will not let their employees, teachers, be part of the union. The unions are the evil left over from the socialist days, we keep them around much like the dogs that the Shepard keeps to herd in the sheep. Ideally the teachers will see the light and take the challenge head on to teach in the privately managed schools, if they are the best candidates for the job. Lets try to focus on the customer of the school, those who pay to reap the benefits — the students — what in their best interest.

If the next generation is to succeed in Punjab, it needs to be educated progressively with skills that are required in the 21st century. Even if the student is going to grow up to be a farmer we need to give him skills that he can use to be a better farmer than the generation before him, that is progress. Can the teachers honestly say that they are willing to be progressive and do what is right by the future of Punjab?

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