Friday, March 18, 2005

Either way its Punjab's Loss

It is Punjab's misfortune that the leadership of Punjab regardless of their political affiliation is marred by bad apples. Same characters keep on surfacing as chief ministers, and opposition leaders, these opportunist politicians are rich, they have broken every law on the books, they have backdoor relations with every illegal activity in the state, yet they keep on blaming each other!!

To the extent that Mr. Badal is now using funds from Gur ki golak and utilizing SGPC events to talk about how life in Punjab for a farmer. When was the last time Mr. Badal worried about the farmer when he was in power? Farmer and the normal person in Punjab or for that matter the rest of India is suffering regardless of who comes to power. One gives free water and the other tries to restore riparian rights of Punjab, but neither tries to take on the struggle to create Jobs, to educate our youth on tobacco, drugs and liquor, SGPC is worried about SAD rather than Sikhi.

Who is really thinking about Punjab, Sikhs and Sikhi? Does anyone speak for you?

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Anonymous said...

Dear observer,
I salute your power to react to what is happening in Punjab. Why I call it power is because very few of us today bother to react to what you have taken up. We read the news, feel deeply and forget the moment we close the pages of the newspaper and simply dont care to think deeper than what is implied in the news pieces.
Keep it up, may Waheguru give you the energy and will power to continue with this sincere effort.